Latest update pasive mode reset

I only play single player. iv had a world going for 116 day’s. My goal was to harvest all the islands and unload them onto the four islands around my home island. then the update happened and reset my passive mode on my world so that all wildlife was hostile. I tried everything to get my world back to where i could keep working on my goal. then i gave up and figured i would just start over.
on my new map where passive worked i found myself stuck in the doorway of a boat and drowned because i couldnt get out. now i dont mind dying if its for a legit reason but this just bent my last brain cell past its point of no return.


I’m a very new player (less than 5 hours total) and I wanted to use passive mode (and creative mode, which is also resetting) as a way to ease into the game and learn without being thrown into the deep end. This bug pretty much makes the game unplayable for that.

For clarification, every time I exit the game and reload my save, I am set to normal (not passive) and normal (not creative.) I’ve reinstalled and I have no mods loaded.

Yeah it just reset my new world to normal instead of passive. guess this game is a pass until this gets fixed.

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0.80 e dönün sorun kalmıyor

I would love to but i have the game through epic. there is no rollback option.

I have the same problem-- I play on normal mode with a passive setting most of the time. Two patch updates ago seems to have created a bug. Wildlife attacks every time. I started a new game to make sure it was in normal & passive. It was… and I am still getting aggressive wildlife. I don’t dare go into the ocean! :worried: Please, please fix this bug soon so I can get back to playing one of my favorite survival games. Thank you.

I have been playing this game for awhile but am having this same issue not. Please fix this.

Also having this issue. It’s been a while since I have played, but my passive game now has aggressive animals and no way to change the setting.

got a patch to 0.90.10 but didnt fix this issue so get ready to not play the game for a year till the devs deam our issue worthy of a fix. maybe give escape the pacific a look as they update frequently and fix as they go instead of pushing out new content without fixing what broke with the previous update. love the game but dam.