[Known Issue] Sharks not spawning

Issue Summary:
If a player creates a custom island sharks may not spawn around that island.

Please note, sharks do not currently respawn in game. This issue appears to be unique to custom islands.

Unfortunately there is no workaround for this issue.

Further Reporting
If you find you generate a world and no sharks spawn and you used the cartographer before loading the world for the first time, please let us know below.

If a world generates for you with no sharks, without the use of the cartographer, please submit a bug report in the main [Console Bug Reports] section.

Does this include the open sea biomes as well or just island biomes?

Sharks don’t spawn around shipwrecks but they’ll spawn in open ocean.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by this? Each island it it’s own unit in a sense, in the ocean midway between the two islands is the point where one island unloads and the other loads in. I do not believe you will see many sharks around these points as I don’t think they can cross those boundries.

Sharks do not always spawn around shipwrecks but will spawn around islands in deeper parts of the ocean. Can you elaborate more on this if you believe there is an issue occuring in your save?