[Known Issue] Resources spawning inside the environment

Issue Summary:
This is most noticeable when cutting down trees or yucca plants. If the tree/plant has spawning partially inside of a cliff or other environmental element there is a chance that resources dropped may be lost inside the environment.

Please also note climbing a tree that has clipped into a cliff may cause the character to become stuck.

Players have reported that sometimes angling themselves correctly can cause the prompt for a lost object to show up. If this occurs players can pickup the object even if it cannot be seen.

If a player becomes stuck in graphics elements themselves they will need to restart from a previous save.

Players who have found problems with losing clay and rock underwater often find mining one bit and a time and collecting it can help ensure they catch everything.

For a good workaround please see @MestreLion’s post below!

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A great workaround I’ve discovered myself by accident: use the Quick Craft! As crafting will prioritize using the resources in the environment before the ones in your inventory, it will consume those you hidden ones you can’t grab! Works great for Yukka Trees and Stone Deposits.

Here’s what I do:

  • Chop the Yukka Tree (or Mine the Stone Deposit)
  • Grab all the Fibrous Leaves (or Small Rocks) that you can
  • Step back a bit, face towards the Yukka
  • Open the Quick Menu (Hold Triangle on PS4) and Quick Craft a Leashing (or Stone Tool)
  • Keep crafting them until it starts depleting from you inventory
  • Now you’re sure you’ve consumed all Fibrous Leaves that were “trapped” inside the environment!

The first time I did this in my starting island on a Yukka Tree that was entrenched in a boulder and a bush I was able to craft like 8 Leashings!!! That’s worth 32 Leaves reclaimed, hooray!

Unfortunately the same trick cannot be used on Clay Deposits, as all crafting recipes using Clay requires a nearby Furnace

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Welcome to the forums and thank you for sharing those tips @Mestrelion! That’s a great workaround you’ve found :slight_smile:

By the way, works great to find hidden sticks too. I was able to Quick Craft like 3 Crude Spears in my Home Island, and a few more in other Islands. Just face all bushes / boulders / cliffs and test Quick Craft for Crude Spears / Stone Tools / Lashings (keep 3 Fibrous Leaves in inventory for this)

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