[Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Full Inventory Warning Noise

Issue Summary:
Occuring after update to 2071, when a player looks at an item that can be picked up when their inventory is full they will hear the error noise that would normally only occur if they tried to pick up the item. They may also recieve a notification in the bottom left of their screen informing them of a full inventory regardless if they try to pick the item it up or not.

There are no workarounds for this issue. While it is not ideal, the issue may be avoided (particularly if you have an island with a lot of items) if one space is left empty in the inventory.

If this is indeed a big issue, then I think the devs are doing great. Yeah after a while it gets a little old but jeeze, don’t put the game under a microscope. I can live with that. In fact I think it would prove humorous to make a little jam with it.

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Thanks for your understanding Bam. I know the team are working on the fix for this issue, but if you make some music before they patch it, please do share it with the community! I know issues like this can get annoying quickly for players, but it’s always nice to see the funny side of glitches while waiting for a fix too :slight_smile:

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