[Known Issue] Light Hook intereactions missing

Issue Summary:
Interactions for attaching lanterns to light hooks both on land and rafts are missing.

There is no workaround for this issue.


By the way… It’s also not possible to destroy the light hooks.

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Having same issue with non interaction with light hook and lantern.


Thank you both for that info, it’s much appreciated.

I broke the light hook using the basic axe only, nothing else worked

Thank you for that info Jerbear1984!

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I’m also having this issue. I was so excited about the light hooks but can’t get a lantern to attach. No option comes up no matter what angle I try. Also I managed to destroy one on land but didn’t get the materials back. Wasn’t sure if that was intended or not. Hope this is a priority as I know lots of people were waiting for this feature for consoles. Other than this loving the new update.

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I’ve also noticed this issue.

Both the light hooks and container shelves take roughly 10 strikes from a Refined Axe to be destroyed, however, neither item will yield any materials used in crafting them once destroyed.

They share the second issue I mentioned with the Hobo Stove.

However, only the light hook has interaction issues. Hopefully this will be fixed soon in a future patch.

I shall double check with the team, I know no refunds from container shelves was as designed from the PC version, light hooks might be the same. If it is, I’ll make a note of it but also add a suggestion on behalf of the community that they do refund something.

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Same here. No interaction to place lantern.