[Known Issue] Deconstruction of raft bases

PS4 here, I have made a raft with mainly buoy balls with only 1 side attached, H 5x1x5 shape, however, an oil drum and tire base were added at the end, and I could not remove them, even though only 1 side was attached. Also, I made a long tire raft end to end (7 pieces), accidently attached a buoy ball raft at the end, could not remove the buoy balls. Is there something with using different types that causes the issue as well? Also it could be cool if we could destroy and reclaim planks from the container shelf, as of now it is 8 whiff swing and it just disappears into nothing.

The container shelves (and lighthooks) are a known issue.

I’m usually one to gather everything that I need to build the raft that I’ve conceived, but evolutions are inevitable, so:

  1. I first came across this issue of base disassembly when I had temporarily inserted wood stick base segments on either side of a ball buoy segment at the front of the raft, as a placeholder for barrel segments. (needed more buoyancy in front to transport the 3 barrels that I had and get to the adjacent island on which my other barrels were waiting for me on the beach)

  2. I had been running a 2 wide x 3 long setup which I wanted to reconfigure (into a catamaran) rather that expand to a 3 wide by 3 long. I stripped off wood shelves, rudder, anchor, sails, plank and zinc flooring without issue (note that I was able to destroy the plank floor built on a stick base with the plank shelf still on it!)

This left me with a base comprised of 2 ball buoy (back), 2 wood stick (middle), 2 barrel (front). No matter what I tried, impossible to disassemble.

  • on land (flat or balancing on a rock)
  • on water (shallow or deep)
  • on side, end, right side up or upside down (had high hopes for ‘flipped over’ fix)

Can’t break… but saved before disassembly so will just expand to a 3 buoy / 3 wood / 3 barrel setup and farm materials to build my catamaran separately.

It is a pity though to face this contraint with disassembly of raft bases, especially since tires and barrels tend to be such a hassle to extract, and even more or a headache to regroup across islands.

A tow rope would be great… drag the dingy, a small battle / scout craft, cargo trailer, or barrel / ball / tire segments behind main raft.

If you take some lashings and a hammer with you when you break open the bouys/tyres/barrels you can begin to craft the base but before you actually build it go to your raft and then attach it where you want it.

Hi djacouma - welcome to the forums!

Thank you for sharing your esperience in such detail and for including what workarounds you did try. I’m sorry to hear the workarounds did not work for you in your save. I shall pass this infomation onto the team as what workarounds do and don’t work is always useful to know too.

Hey, are we gonna get a way around this raft destruction issue? I’ve been reading different discussions regarding this issue on various platforms and some of them are 2-3 years old or may b from beginning. This is disappointing I had this beautiful raft but know because of tyres and barrels in sides it became a nightmare😅

Hi raasta_farii - welcome to the forums!

We unfortunately do not have a guaranteed workaround for this issue on the console version. I’m gathering what workarounds do work for some in the above post while the console team continues to work on this and I will update is if any others are discovered.

As long as the raft base pieces are only attached on one side u can break them down.

Check this out transporters of goods for large scale projects. Red container pieces are a pain!!! dont waste your time like I did lol​:rofl::rofl: makes game crash

It’s nearing the end of 2021 and im experiencing these troubles stated in previous posts I had to give up on a raft and ended up losing 8 tires and 20 buoy’s really discouraging this is one of my favorite games however it would be my all time favorite if a couple small things were fixed like stated (above) for example and also if there was a Xbox series X enhanced version I just got this game a few days ago and was expecting it to be enhanced for my series X but ive gotten past that because of how generally good the game is. Would be amazing if it happened though considering the series X has been out for a year now.

I am having the same issue. I just spent a day planning out getting some barrels, attached them to my barge, and just realized I can’t take them off. Can’t make any of the workarounds work. Really enjoy this game but could use some help. Please! Are you guys working to make an update for console (PS4) or just for pc?

Thanks so much!

Once a raft base is joined on two or more sides unfortunately they can’t be broken down.

A dev announced the other day a update for console is in the works (no time frame said) so hopefully in that update we can break down rafts completely

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Hi StrandedTy, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue in your save also. Have you joined them by more than one side as Thunder mentioned or this occurring with just one side attached for you? If it’s happening with just one side attached, what material are they attached to?

Thunder also mentioned that Sam made an announcement regard updates (you can read the full post here: Update from the team, 2021-08-26 [Cross-post] ) unfortunately the contents of the update have not been released yet so I cannot confirm if a fix for this issue will be included yet. Keep an eye on the News and Announcements section, once the update contents are confirmed they should be announced there.

Thanks Thunder and Clare!

Both sides are attached, unfortunately…

Thanks for the update on the update! I actually saw that I for after I had posted my question.

I hope the update comes out soon, with that fix! (Also, maybe a further travel for the gyrocopter and not breaking your leg on ladders? :crossed_fingers:t3:)

Love the game and appreciate the support!

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Hey, so there’s nothing about deconstructing rafts in new update? Or any update regarding this issue whether it’ll be resolved or not?
If not, why not make oil drums and tyres a inventory item?

Hi raasta_farii,

The patch notes have not been released yet but if you experience this is the latest update, please let me know and I’ll pass that info onto the team.

Unless it’s a new version of the bug, just make your rafts connected by single segments eg:


X=raft segment
S=Sail (left Fwd, right Bkwd)

The only deconstruct that will block even is this case, is the segment of raft adjacent (to lett if schematic) to the motor, but if you use sails, no issue.

Hey Clare,
I checked the new update although I liked the new multiplayer scene but sadly nothing about deconstructing raft.

Thanks for letting me know raasta_farii. It’s possible a fix for this was not included in the update I will compare against the notes when I get them to see if a new report needs to be submitted.

Please. For the love of God, fix the raft deconstruction issue.

I hadn’t really gone all in on a game in almost a decade. Life, work, kids…you know it goes.

I downloaded Stranded Deep on a whim and fell in love. For the first time in years I was reminded of my love for console gaming and adventure.

I got 201 days in and finally gathered enough supplies and in the right place to build the raft I envisioned. That’s when I found that I’m unable to deconstruct my other raft to pull the supplies I needed.

Now I’m stuck and feel like I’ve wasted my time. I literally haven’t played the game since this happened almost a year ago. I refuse to play again until this is fixed.

I’ve left comments and sent emails, and now I created an account here to try and have my voice heard.

Please. Fix the raft deconstruction on console.