Jerry can spawn rate is weird

Hi, i also have a suggestion to look at the jerry can spawn rate. I had a savegame with 60 ingame days and a whopping 12 jerry cans.
Im now on a new savegame at 72 days and only found a single one, i already scouted all islands and wrecks but 1. I have only been able to build the fuel still and because of this im stuck. Is there any way this can be a bug? Am i just unlucky? Or is there a way to get more? Maybe a feature to be able to make them from container walls? Ps. I am on ps4

In addition: i have been able to work around this by adding a new island with shipwrecks next to the one im at and got lucky finding some for anyone that comes across this issue

I’m actually also struggling with this on this play through. I’ve only hit about half my islands so far, but I havent even found one yet to even start my fuel still.