January 2022 - Game STILL runs like Trash on Series X

The next gen consoles have now been out for more than a full year

We still haven’t got a next gen update for the consoles to match.

Loaded up an older island with a base this morning on the Xbox Series X and I’m lucky to be getting 30fps.

After playing so many games on Xbox Series X in recent times, going back to such a low frame rate is just straight up unacceptable.

I appreciate ‘small dev team’ and ‘Covid’ barriers, but there’s MANY games on Xbox which have had updates to unlock frame rates that take advantage of the power of next gen consoles with minimal effort.

I’m no game Dev so I can’t presume, but I can give feedback from a user experience that the performance of this title is straight up not on par with what’s now become common place on the latest gen consoles.

Quite a few games out there released under ID@Xbox in pre-release states and continue to get regular updates that honestly put this game to shame and many of those games (because of their continued support and updates) have gotten a resurgence in player numbers and support.

This game is just drifting at the moment and rapidly falling into obscurity which is a shame as the survival genre on console is still under represented and this game fills a much needed and appreciated niche.

But when games in the same genre (Like Ark) get 60fps solid and great performance updates, games like this start to feel like ‘7Days to die’ titles which are simple cash grab efforts that devs land and then quickly abandon.

This game is basically in the latter camp now on Xbox which is a real shame.

I hope one day we’ll see this game get the updates it honestly deserves so I can recommend it to my friends and other people online, but right at this moment all I can tell them is ‘avoid as the devs have already walked away, updates are ridiculously slow and the game runs like trash’

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Yeah. I agree on many things here and I too have been waiting longer for a next generation update. I’m not entirely sure why it is taking them so long especially on Xbox given the PC and Xbox are very close in similarity. I’m thinking they are trying to work out the bugs, but each fix causes a new issue. I feel like the best thing to do would be to give next-gen players that optimize update putting the focus off of the many bugs when the game is running at a smooth buttery 60fps. Frame rate first then work on graphical fidelity (1440p/2160p w/higher textures). Regardless, frame rate needs to be smooth.

At least this game isn’t a Cyberpunk. No lies being told or devs are completely not listening to their fans. It is just a very slow process with updates with this game.

Still none of us know what is all happening with this team. Many games have gone through hell in development pre-launch and post-launch. The game definitely can play a lot better, but it isn’t unplayable either. I’m running on Series X been running on Series X since launch. Many of the high frame and lagging drops and crashes I had on my One X is gone. Stranded deep is still in early access on PC, so there is still much work to be done with the game.

As for Ark, true it got a next-gen update, but it still runs pretty crappy with graphical issues, lagging issues…etc. It definitely isn’t the best update on the system.

I’d look at how Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 went next-gen and added smoother gameplay at 1440p. Even I feel like that game should be native 4K/60fps. A very small game

I disagree, This game is unplayable. Im playing on ps5 and it has been impossible to progress in this game.

This would be a good start. I have too many other game options on my Series X that offered this day one of the console launch - and it’s been now more than a full year and this game STILL runs like a hot mess while I play other games that are going 1440p 60fps without issue.

I would honestly say community engagement for this game could be better too. We get the occasional update on bug fixes / new feature releases, but total silence on the performance issues that plague this game at the present time.

IMHO if you’re looking to get paid for a product then there should be progress in a reasonable time frame, even for an ‘early access’ title. I don’t want to hear ‘small team’ or ‘limited resources’ excuses either. That’s not our problem as customers to manage, nor should it be something we should accept as it’s often used for early access survival games that land - take money on promises - and then are left to wither on the vine as people give up and walk away.

Bottom line is, this game at it’s core is pretty much has a perfect place in the survival genre niche. The only other game like this with a solid water theme I can think of on Xbox is Subnautica and that game tears absolute shreds off this hot mess in all departments.

I’m just frustrated with the clear lack of progress on this title & lack of updates from the Dev. I don’t care what their limitations are here, it’s up to them as developers to resource the project accordingly and provide a decent product that falls in line with consumer expectations. I’m not saying it has to tick every single box (as the customer is never going to be 100% satisfied realistically), but there is a baseline standard here that clearly isn’t being met at the moment which is both frustrating and disappointing.

Hopefully we’ll see this game get the support and progress it honestly deserves moving forward.

I’d use Green Hell than Subnautica just because how different the games are in a survival aspect. I have no idea what goes on with the team developing this game, and why they take so long to update Stranded Deep. I know many people still lack a next-gen console, but to not have support for it given the game isn’t massive at all is weird to me. Also strange is how long it took to bring out another update, but the update was broken. I’m seeing many games even bigger AAA titles unplayable like this game this generation yet asking full price.

I’m not going to say I don’t care what is going on in development because there could be major developmental issues both personal and in the office itself. Making games is very hard work. Given the size of this studio, I can see why delays are happening. Just because one studio is doing this doesn’t mean another can do the same. Maybe people have left… I don’t know. There is going to be people all upset over something. Though, I wouldn’t keep them in the dark as long, but I wouldn’t keep addressing them either because it’ll be the same thing over and over. If I’m saying a big update is coming then I made it plain. A few months later, I’d update everyone which Clare does, but she can’t say a lot on or just don’t know. She usually states something will be in the lastest update or the devs know and are working on a fix…etc.

I played online with a friend, on my Series X, and the game wasn’t smooth, but it wasn’t unplayable. The game is just missing new features, items, customization, remove that stupid hat, update to next gen and smoother online play to keep it fresh. If you think this game is unplayable then play Dying Light 2 in quality mode. I don’t know what kind of 30fps is that but it feels more like 15fps. I play on Resolution mode by the way.

All in all, I hope they add next gen optimizations to SD soon

I’m glad I saw this. I’ve been playing on Xbox one S and the game is just a joke so many issues especially low fps/freezing when you get a decent base built. But I love playing when it works so I’d thought about buying a next gen console as I figured a newer console wouldn’t have these issues. Guess now I’ll just wait.

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It’s not that it’s ‘unplayable’ as much as it isn’t an enjoyable experience and other titles in the genre have managed to bring a next gen update that Stranded Deep lacks.

My favourite genre is the survival game experience and pretty much have them all on my Series X console.

Along with 7 Days to Die, I put Stranded Deep pretty much at the bottom of the pile in terms of performance, stability and features that cater to my system.

Whether the team is just too small to make performance a focus or they don’t know how they can update the port I don’t know (and frankly don’t care, I’m looking to sell the software here - they are)

I can only relay the user experience and it’s quite frankly pretty damn average on it’s own, yet alone compared to other releases in the same market / genre.

My Xbox Series X is literally 4x as powerful as the old Xbox One X elite console and this game literally runs no better at all on my new system.

Sorry, but that’s just ridiculous. Clearly there’s no automatic scalability built into this software to allow future hardware releases to harness the additional power to increase performance.

Software developers porting to Xbox / Playstation consoles need to bury this mindset of developing software for a single platform only.

Think less like console - more like PC.