Issues with raft deconstruction and operation

Since the recent update, I am having problems deconstructing my raft. I added a new barrel base with some barrels I found, with the intention of deconstructing it once I reached my home island, but now I can’t deconstruct it anymore. It keeps saying ‘this item relies on other items attached to it’. I can’t even break down any of the other bases of the original raft. Tried a steam forum approach of flipping raft upside down and then deconstructing… but it didn’t work.

And the raft operation is now impacted as well. I used to be able to drop anchor and raise sail while controlling the rudder, but now I can’t. I can’t stop where I need to stop or when I want to stop. This has made operating the raft much more unfriendly and the gameplay extremely frustrating.

Has anyone else encountered this or know of any workarounds / solutions?

Don’t use barrels as raft sections/put the barrels on your raft and bring them to your home