Issue playing save

so i started stranded deep on a xbox one S console.
and i can play my save if i choose online… ( just tested it)
yet if i try to play single players it doesn’t matter what save slot i try.
the game starts from being in the airplane.

now the issue is i have since upgraded to a series X and i had hoped that the save would be there tired to my gamertag ?

but doesn’t matter what i try or what gameslot. the game starts from being in the airplane.
i really dont want to start all over again.

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Hi @T0rNaDo, welcome to the forums

I moved your post to the Console Bug Reports section as you are experiencing an issue in the game.

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with loading your save.

Can you confirm for me that I am understanding the issue correctly…

  • You have recently upgraded from XB1-S to XBX
  • When trying to load your saves, you can load an online save without issue, but your cannot start a single player save?
  • Both save types would have been transferred from the XB1S to XBX.

If my understanding is correct, please let me know:

  • How did you transfer the saves from one console to another? (Please note the saves are not hosted online. The save data would need to be transferred from one console to another)
  • Are you the host of the multiplayer save in question or joining someone as Player 2?
  • If you are the host, was your single player save in the same save slot as your multiplayer one?
  • On the slot where your single player save should be, is there a days survived listed?
  • Have you played through the plane sequence entirely to find a new save or do you quit when it starts?
  • Did you change anything in the cartographer before trying to load your single player save?
  • In the save data section of your console, can you see multiple save files?
  • If you still have access to your XB1-S - if you load Stranded Deep can you access your single player save?

Any additional information about your transfer process and what you are seeing within the game and settings would be greatly appreciated as it would help us to investigate further.

Thank you

ok sorry for the delay in the reply. didnt have room on the table to set up my old one S and spare monitor as the table had pc parts all over it, as i was sorting out another pc from parts.

ok my old console that i started playing stranded deep on was a xbox one S…

just plugged it all back together and checked…

all four save slots on main menu are showing - day 0…

if you go into multiplayer and then hit continue it loads where i left off and im at day 28.

ive plugged my external 4tb hdd into the console and yes i can copy/move the game over to it.

but it doesn’t seem to let you move/copy the game save…

i guess this is why when i try the game on my new console. series X that my day 28 save isnt there.
as it seems you cant move/copy the save over. thats so silly.

let me see if i can reply to the above questions here…

yes upgraded from xbox one S to a xbox series X
yes multiplayer save is there but nothing for single player
doesn’t look like you can transfer a save across. no option to copy/move only option is to delete.
i transferred the game by copying to external drive then moving over to new console. but its clear its only the game you can do not the saves.
yes im the host of the multiplayer. as my friend who asked me to get the game so i could help him on his save. joined my hosted game to help me along a little.
all four save slots in main menu show day 0
didn’t touch cartographer. so no.
i see one saved data of 9.3mb
yes still have old XB1-S and there is no single player saves only a multiplayer one.

anything else you need please ask… i did hope i could move the game etc to my new console and carry on where i left off. as i upgraded both my consoles from XB1-S to a XB series X and S, and did hope to restore both XB1-S to factory settings and sell them both on…

Hi T0rNaDo,

Thank you for getting back to me about this.

I believe players have been unable to transfer save data via USB or hard drives from one console to another from the XB1 onwards. I don’t know the details of the reasoning behind the change after the Xbox 360, but I believe saves can only be backed up and transferred via a network connection using the Xbox cloud system now.

I would recommend using Xbox’s official support website and FAQ for details on how to transfer or back up save files when moving from one console to another. This should help you retrieve your save files before selling on your consoles.

ok il try that and get on to them… thanks for the help

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