Island variety for consoles

Can we please get some variations on the islands? The fact that they’re all the same except for a slightly different size and shape is the only thing that brings the game down for me, there’s just no excitement in exploring a new island when it’s pretty much exactly the same as the last 10 I’ve been to.
I get it would probably be a bit of work to come up with different islands, but I’d happily pay extra for some DLC if we could get some islands like what’s seen in the PC game.


I agree. It would be nice to have more variety regarding the islands just to keep it fresh. I have no idea the size of the team, but I’m sure they are doing what they can to bring out an update as soon as possible. Very stress intensive business if things aren’t going so well. Nobody knows what is going on. I hope they made a decent amount to become bigger and better.

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