Is there a coop mode coming for ps4?

I can’t find any hint if there is a online mode coming pls help :frowning:

They more than likely won’t say for sure until it is a for sure thing, but I THINK we are going to get it. The reason why I think this is the big update added the ability to “ride along” on the life raft. As the life raft has no way to propel itself and just floating on it is a death wish since it’s just a big beach ball for the shark, tells me it’s in the plans at least.

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Be sure to check down through topics on the forums for similar questions as this has been asked a few times by players.

This question is also covered in the Console Version FAQ under “What about multiplayer?” - we don’t have any information beyond that from the team at the moment.

As the console version is being modeled mostly on the PC version, I would say there’s no online function, since the PC version only has a P1 and P2 “local multiplayer” feature on the settings menu, currently. Found it while trying to connect a controller to the Steam version of Stranded Deep.

Personally, I wouldn’t expect the game to be the same if they make an online multiplayer version. A local 2-player co-op would be the most the current console version can handle, given the resources available in the game right now. Not enough islands or resources to support more than that.

As it is right now, the game doesn’t look like it’ll work with online co-op, as there’s no communication feature, and there’s also the Cartographer to think about. They’d have to remove custom islands from the multiplayer version, as both players would need to load the same map to do co-op successfully.

This is just my perspective on this topic. They could very well decide to try an online version, or they could decide to only do a local co-op feature like what the Steam version seems to have. I’m content to just wait and see what comes of this.