Is Co-Op Mode Gonna Be Fixed?

Co-op mode was really the main reason i got this game, surviving on a island with a mate who else wouldn’t wanna experience something like that.
But it’s been nothing but hell.
constantly having to rejoin a game once every 10minutes after being disconnected.
it’s at the point to where it’s getting repetitive now and it sucks because it’s clearly been a constant issue for the past year or so from the reports ive seen atleast and still no fix??? i’m not just begging for myself but for the entire community as they most probably are feeling the same way & i wouldn’t wanna refund this game over such a faulty error the devs couldn’t be bothered fixing.

fix your game.

Hi Neccy,

What version of the game are you both currently running? (bottom left of main menu), are you running the latest update?
Important to get this for both players.

Can you provide the details of the hardware specs for both players please?

Have you had these problems when playing with anyone else? have you tried joining a session from the matchmaking?