Inventory radial menus and quick crafter menu tweak suggestion?

Hi Beam Team & Greetings to everyone,

Just to put it out there… Stranded Deep is amazing. I’ve been pouring a ton of hours into the game where there’s not a lot I would recommend to change, or add, personally. I enjoy it too much to even suggest anything.

… Except …

One very minor thing I would suggest, just as a quality of life improvement kind of thing I guess, the main inventory, crate inventory and quick crafting radial menus. Using the thumbstick selection system is great for it and all that… But when the selector resets back to center instead of staying on the item selected. The selection process requires two inputs to select items or crafting implements, which in turn causes your character to move slightly outside of the menus when finished.

-I suggest having the radial menus’ selector stick and stay on the inventory item or crafting item instead of resetting to center of the menu. So if I wanted to select the axe, I’d put the selector on the axe and it would stay there, or until I wanted to select something else then it would stay on that instead once selected. Then reset back to center once exited out. Same with the quick crafting menu.-

Thank you.

– Apologies if this has been suggeted before, or if it’s in the works.

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I feel your pain… Such a simple thing that should have been implemented on day 1…