Inventory Full Sound ?!?

Please remove the newly created inventory full dull loud beep that happens whenever you put ur cursor over any object w an already full inventory. This is completely breaking the immersion of the game. Haven’t played in months, and likely to put it away again until this is removed.
Far better to add an option to remove ALL on screen text and crosshairs so we can have a full emersion experience after playing it for so many very amazing hours.
Great game, please stick to the immersion/Zen aspect that makes ur game stand out.

Hi Zyvex212, welcome to the forums,

As you posted this in suggestions, I wanted to let you know this is not an intended addition and is a bug the team will be resolving.

Thank you also for feedback regarding the crosshairs, I’ll pass this onto the team.

Oh thank goodness. I’m glad to hear that is going away! Wasn’t game breaking for me, just very annoying.

I would really like this ‘option’ too. ESPECIALLY the two players names constantly on the screen. Maybe just show it in the ‘pause’ menu. I know there’s not really a pause in multiplayer. Just that if I want to see who I’m playing with, I can hit pause and see, but not be a permanent feature all the time on the screen. I really dislike that.