Interaction Glitch [PS4]

So let me start out by saying I know this is a current issue. But I need help with just one thing. I’m at the Final Ship with the Plane. The game seems to have glitched out when I either 1(Fight a Boss) 2(Cross to another Island) or 3(Crafting ALOT of Spears)

Now my game glitched out way before the end. I was on an Island, Crafted a BUNCH of Spears. Went to fight my first Boss The Megladon. Once I arrived at the boss the map rendered in and my raft suddenly became glitched. I reloaded 5 or so times and same thing every time. Finally I gave up and just sent it 100%. Killed the Shark Boss. Killed the Eel Boss. Killed the Squid Boss. Got to an Island at the Endgame. Made Fuel and went to the End. Can’t go through the final door. Just wont activate or work what’s so ever. So I tried to climb the Ship to end this damned thing. Didn’t work. Then I went sea diving and got all the Gyrocopter Parts to build one. Then I can’t Build the thing because it won’t lock onto the frame.

Now I’m 25 Days Deep into this game. Being one of my first playthroughs. Broken Game but… still enjoying it other than pulling my hair out. All I want, is a way to glitch through this door or find an alternative way to finish my playthrough. I’ve tried all work arounds. Can’t get it to work. Someone please help me…

Try and build the chopper on the beach at sea level because interaction is working for items near and below sea level. Even if you successfully make it to the plane, you most likely wont be able to put the food, fuel and plane parts in but you can try.

@cauhmed’s suggestion above may also work if you can build the gyro low enough, however the gyro may glitch once you reach another island.

You mentioned you tried all the workarounds so if switching off animals or crouching to try get interactions in the lowest part of the door didn’t work…while it’s unconfirmed by others, Seg4me’s workaround of dropping the paddle from the life raft (if you still have it nearby) may be worth trying - [2071] Potential bug cause

I have tried to build the Gyro at the beach level because the center of the islands I can’t interact with. I can attach 1 or 2 parts before it won’t let me complete it. Also early in the game right after I fought the squid I walked through the door to the plane and I could add everything but no cutscene for it. I thought I beat it until I realized the jerry cans didn’t have fuel in them. Then once I had everything ready is when I could not go through the door or interact with it

I will try the paddle and I will get back to you, so I just pick it up and drop it or take it to the end and drop it?

Update: about an hour after searching for the starting raft. I found it. Couldn’t interact with it at all. Cut a tree (close to the beach) down. I was able to drag the tree against the raft, pulling it to the beach. Flipped it grabbed that paddle. Dropped it and nothing had changed. But I did discover that when you drop an item you can interact with it normally (only the item dropped) for about 5 seconds and then it glitches back out

You have to farm potatoes to make fuel. Game is just unplayable in general. We have no other option but to wait for the fix.

Thanks for trying and reporting back on this NGD-DC, while I’m sorry to hear it didn’t work, it is good for me to know what does and doesn’t work for players in terms of workarounds.