Interaction Bug and Yukka Plots Feedback Wanted! Help me please!

Okay, so I’d like some feedback/ opinions from the community please. I currently have around ~20+ yukka plant plots, but with the current interaction bug I am unable to harvest them. I’ve been keeping them watered so far with the hopes that the fix would be out soon, however they take quite a bit of water & yukka/ palm fronds to keep hydrated, which are much harder to come by since the bug and only being able to harvest the ones close to the water. I’ve been keeping them watered b/c I was originally thinking that once the bug was fixed, the yukka trees would still have kept growing and I’d have like (many) multiple yukka trees in each plot (like has happened before). If this happens, then the struggle of keeping them alive would be worth it for all the leaves. However, if the trees only give back one tree once the bug is fixed, then it would be better to clear the yukka plots/ let them die and not expend anymore resources on them until the bug is fixed given that it’s much more difficult to get the leaves/ palm fronds with the bug and I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to keep it up (unless I stop playing until the fix is released which seems boring but is an option). What do people think that I should do? (1) Clear the yukka plots/ let them die (2) keep watering them the best I can until fix (3) something else. Thanks for the feedback help!

It seems to me the only thing you could lose by continued watering is (1) your time, as it could be a wasted effort if you can only harvest a single crop after the fix (2) the rocks used to build the tools you are burning through to keep cutting to feed the water stills.

I would be interested to hear if you have found farming yucca to be worthwhile before the bug? I tried it once with three yucca plots and maybe 20 or so harvest cycles before I stopped doing it. Although I didn’t track the statistics, it seemed like I was using most of the leaves produced by the plots to feed the water stills to keep the plots watered for the next harvest. What I mean is I didn’t think there was much net gain in leaves from the whole yucca farming process. I would be interested to know if you have found it to be worthwhile.

Iv found it beneficial in the past to farm yucca although at first you do use most of the fiber already on the island to feul the stills to water them but over time if left to duplicate it can very quickly become worthwhile, iv found most farmables tend to duplicate better if you harvest them as soon as they first grow and then leave them for 4 or 5 days

I totally agree with tonto. Before the bug, farming yukka has 100% been worthwhile but you have to have enough yukka for your needs to make it worth it. I find that I use around 1-2 shark repellents + 1-2 breath assists (and now since the bug 1-2 aloes) on every “away” trip. I created the yukka farm mainly to farm for these other items and rope to make speargun arrows for sharks/ snakes/ bosses. B/c of this, having a large yukka farm has been completely worth it and I wouldn’t do without tbh. The only downside to having a large farm is the time spent keeping it watered and not being able to be away for more than 5-6 days on a trip. This can be a bit annoying unless you plan around it (i.e. plan that your farm might die when on certain trips, etc.). Overall though, I find having a yukka farm very very worth it. Mainly because I enjoy not having to worry about shark repellent/ aloe/ etc. and the extra rope is so awesome.

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