Increasing the possibility of building a raft and its equipment


Just building a raft out of different elements is great. However, something more is missing as the game progresses. :surfing_man:

The base of the raft can be built from sticks, tires, barrels and buoys. However, it cannot be made of planks or corrugated steel. I mean the possibility of creating the base of the raft in the form of floats, others in the middle of the raft, others at the ends (pointed). Like boats are built.

There is also no possibility of connecting the raft bases with a regular deck. Two floats on the sides and a connection in the middle without a base (like a catamaran). This would be very useful in exploring islands where we constantly come across underwater rocks.

In addition to the sail that is in play, another, larger one, only for large rafts, would be good. A larger sail should increase sailing speed :horse_racing:. In addition, white cloth for sails.

I think a few more additions just for the raft are worth considering:

  • sea compass
  • a detachable / pinning long rope with hooks at the ends
  • hooks for attaching a long rope (then the long rope can be used as a tow rope)
  • net with a hook for items (facilitating the transport of barrels, tires, etc.)
  • suspended net for items (fewer shelves blocking the view)
  • low containers with high load capacity (better visibility again)
  • metal anchor :anchor:

Adding even just a part of the suggestions will enrich and make the gameplay more attractive.


These are all great ideas! I definitely agree about the compass! I think that if a player has a compass in their inventory, then while they’re actively sailing the boat there should be a compass that appears on the UI that indicates their current direction. The system as it stands now is clunky and not intuitive. I shouldn’t have to stop steering my raft to equip and look at my compass.

And the tow rope is definitely a good idea!

I would also LOVE to see some expanded options to make a rudimentary houseboat - where you could at least have a shelter to save / sleep (once you reach an island - not in the middle of the ocean, obviously).


Maybe at minimum have only one hand guiding the raft allowing the other hand to use compass or check watch for health status?

Yes. Sometimes two-handedness is unattainable.

The one-handed two-handed rule should be based on what you’re using to be realistic.

  • Steering a raft, one-handed.
  • Compass. One-handed as to merely have it open doesn’t require two hands.
  • Holding a torch, one hand
  • Refined knife, one-hand
  • Pickaxe, two hands
  • Axe, two hands maybe
  • Lantern, one hand
  • Sticks, two hands as long
  • Palm leaves, two hands
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