In-game map to aid exploration

It would be interesting to look at the map without having to leave the game. It would be more practical to have a map to map all the islands already explored by the player, enabling a greater use of explorations



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Hi Allberty,

Welcome to the forums and thank you for your suggestion.

I have edited your post to have an english title and appreciate you writing the main post in english.

I would also be great if the orientation of the map had North at the top rather than off to the side.

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Are thinking a paper style map that you can somehow update or a mini map?

The idea of a paper map that you can look at and update sounds neat but I think a mini map would defeat the purpose of the game and the compasses that you can find and use.

With the paper map idea, you could even give players an interface to draw the maps themselves. Thus allowing for a certain amount of inaccuracy that existed when maps were hand drawn.