Improve the Tutorial!

Generally I love this game but it should be used to teach courses on proper tutorial design as an example of what not to do.

My first point of frustration was that I knew I needed Lashing but I didn’t know how to get it, I crafted multiple Stone Tools not knowing that I needed to equip them or how to equip them, I saw them holding the R1 button and thought that was by inventory interface, so I tried to equip them a few times that way and ended up just crafting too many stone tools. I ended up exhausted all the rocks on the island while I ran back and forth looking for some resource I could turn into lashing.

After I figured out how to equip stone tools and harvest the ingredients I had to restart, my next point of frustration was that I needed to craft a campfire but the game doesn’t teach me how to change to the camping section of the crafting menu.

After that I needed to create a Water Still, I found Cloth on the beach but couldn’t figure out how to make a coconut flask, because consumables is on a different section entirely.

With that I had the basics, or so I thought, but then I spear fished some sardines and couldn’t figure out how to cook them. It was only after giving up searching my menus and throwing them on the ground that I figured out I needed to skin them, if there’s a way to clean without throwing them on the ground I don’t know it.

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Yeah, as I remember, the tutorial messages left a lot to be desired - their more like hints and it can be confusing for some… Once you’ve died a few times, you learn to do the opposite of the tutorial…

A person can go days without food, but only hours without water… No point in building a camp fire, only to die of thirst…

Any time you hit any island the most important thing to do and the thing you should do 1st is sort water. Then think of food and after, maybe a shelter.

As for actually crafting things, help is poor, you learn a lot and you may die a lot before you learn. I suppose if you was on a deserted island for real - there would be no popups telling you exactly how to survive either, so I feel the devs can be forgiven for that… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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On my latest game (50+ days in and unlocked almost every achievement) I just ignored the tutorial entirely, I landed on the first island and did nothing but run around grabbing rocks and craft just enough to get a knife and axe and make some spears, then immediately I went to the nearby wreck and looted it for the chest, and went straight to the next island.

It sure is a lot easier when you have enough ROCKS to survive.

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