Image of console Xbox1 version

As of today I’m finding version not loading in. I’ve not crashed but to verify what is the current version for Xbox1

You are behind it’s I.8.0.3 try resetting your Xbox and see if you get the update it just came through a bit ago

Alright I thank you for letting me know

What is the current version for playstation

the version number in the uploads can vary by region because of some region specific updates that were released in the past for some systems. The best way to check if you’re on the latest version or not is to compare the version number at the bottom left of the main menu if you can access it. The latest version will read as 2074 for both systems. The Xbox patch was published a few hours ago, so I believe GlobalGload05 is correct that when updated your version should say “”

On 2974 just lost ability to log on from title screen. As of yesterday 3:25pm I’m unable to access game day 22

Can you confirm for me if you had played your save in version 2074 or if the last time you played the save was in version 2073? As the update for Xbox was only set to publish at 3am GMT / 8pm PT yesterday (and then rolling out across the various regions after that) it may be possible the save was corrupted before the update occured.

If you were able to play during version 2074, and experienced a save that either crashed or froze and then resulted in being stuck in the “cleaning up” phase, please let me know. Please also let me know if you’re stuck in a different loading point as there could be a different issue occuring.

My save was active when 2074 came out. It ran fine after upgrading but the next day it stopped allowing the load in

Can you confirm for me what text is displayed when you are trying to load in and the game gets stuck?

Also, please try clearing the cache of your console by shutting down and unplugging the console for 2mins before rebooting.

You may also wish to try reinstalling the game.

In the past the players who were stuck loading in on single player games sometimes found they could load into their save if they launched the game with all network connections switched off. While this is not guarenteed to work, you may wish to try it anyway if you are playing single player.


From 12:31pm cst it still remains in cleaning up

Thank you for letting me know SURVIVSLISTMAYHEM, I shall inform the team. I am sorry to hear this happened to your save after the update was released.

I have also moved your post to Bug Reports so I can track it for the team.