I'm a Korean user.[Switch gameplay]

This article is written by me through a translator. There may be difficulties in understanding the writing. I’m sorry.

Hello, I’m a Korean user. Not long ago, I bought a switch version of the stranded dip. It was a game that I’ve been waiting for over 5 years… But when I first played the game, I was very disappointed…You can see it from the picture.(Of course, you may not know what I’m saying in the picture. However, as you know, you can see that part too clearly when you play games.)
If you look at places with many trees, the resolution and graphics are messed up, and on the contrary, when you look at places with few trees or the coast, the resolution and graphics are very beautiful.
There’s no disconnection on the screen. There are many friends around me who bought the showfeed dip in the switch version. All of them were very disappointed with the parts that were not optimized…It’s a game that I’ve been waiting for a long time…Most switching users play games with SD cards. And most of them play games by connecting power cables. I’d like to tell you that you don’t have to pay much attention to capacity or battery consumption when updating graphics and resolution to normal. Help users without PC, PS4, and Xbox play Stocked Deep in a similar environment to them…

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I have taken a moment to edit Dropg22’s post, this is what I understood their post to mean. I took some liberties with phrasing and the order of some points but i hope it accurately conveys their meaning.

If there was something i didnt quite understand i left it in the edit enclosed in [] brackets.

I hope this helps.

To Dropg22: if Stranded Deep on Switch supports the capture button and you have a way to get your pictures transfered off the switch and uploaded here it may be more helpful.

Unfortunately the Switch port of Stranded Deep is handled by a diferent development team that the developers of the original PC, PS4, XBox version. I do hope, however, that this feedback can still get to them.

Edit: Dropg22 sent me a revision to my edit of their post. I have modified my post to include their revision. It appears in italics.

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Hi @Dropg22, welcome to the forums!

I’m sorry to hear this issue is affecting your game and understand your feeling of disappointment. Thank you so much for taking the time to report this issue to us and using a translator to do so. @IggySoda thank you for helping Dropg22 convey their message.

I will send a report of this issue on to the team working on the Switch version of the game. From your description, Dropg22, I believe this is an issue that the team is already working on as I have seen mention of issues with trees and other plants not rendering correctly. I shall pass on the photos you have provided along with the details of your experience so the team can determine for themselves if this is the same as the issue they are investigating or if it is a seperate one.

If you have any questions or if anything I mentioned does not translate very well, please let me know and I’ll do my best to rephrase it.

Thank you again for reporting this, and if there is anything else you notice when playing, please do let me know and I can pass all these reports onto the Switch Team.