Ideas that might benefit the game

I was climbing out of the water onto my fishing pier just moments ago, and thought of a few things that might be beneficial to add.

Foremost on the list is craftable ladders. Sometimes stairs just aren’t convenient in homes, as they require an additional square of walking space to place. It would be nice if we could make ladders that we could possibly create lofts with instead of needing an entire square of floor blocked off for a staircase.

Second thought I had was the addition of intractable furnishings. I noticed how the life raft now has a ride along feature, and would like to be able to use the furniture that’s available instead of it just being for looks. More furniture crafts would also be appreciated.

Building on that, I thought of some combinations for furniture with cushions. Specifically sofas.
Variants would be Leather and Fabric. The leather sofa would require some rawhide, leather strips, planks, and 4 wood/sticks to craft. The fabric one just replaces leather and rawhide with lashings and cloth.

Another suggestion I have is adding gear like headgear, gloves, etc, that you can equip. Special gear can be restricted to loot from survivor wreckage, while basic gear could be crafted with materials that best fit the gear. Benefits could range from increased protection to ways to free up tool belt slots (the latter only for special gear).

I would also like to see more special crafts and survival resources. I see all these birds, and think about how neat it could be if they had nests on the islands that we could try and collect eggs from to increase our food options. To go along with that, we’d have to craft or find something to hold the eggs in while cooking. Most likely combined/used with a Hobo Stove to make it worth crafting as opposed to the meat smoker.

I also would like to see some hobby-type or entertainment features added, just as a way to pass time while waiting for food to cook or waiting out bad weather. Like a paddle ball, or something else that has no other value aside from alleviating boredom or potential stress from being stranded. We only really have a travel friend found at a survivor camp so far, whom I’ve yet to manage locating on my current save that I’m working on, so some additional amusement would likely make it feel more real.

Just some scattered ideas I had.

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Nice ideas. The birds do have nests w/ eggs on many of the islands with the snakes and bores. You have to climb up the giant rock formations. You can chop a large tree down and use that to walk up and onto the area to reach the nests if you can’t get up on just jumping.