Ideas for future updates

All the things that I and I think most players would like to see in the game and for which I am willing to pay if the developer gives us such an opportunity.

1.Significantly increase or remove the upper border of the game world so that you can fully enjoy the flight on a gyrocopter (at the moment, when flying, there is an acute lack of height, you feel “ceiling pressure”, you want to climb much higher and look at the tropical archipelago through the clouds floating under your feet). Make it possible to fly high and rise above the level of dynamically changing clouds.

  1. Adding a paraglider / hang glider and, accordingly, the possibility of paragliding / hang gliding on air currents to any height (including above cloud level, with the ability to look down). The lift and hold mechanics should work in such a way that the player has to develop real control skill in order to gain height. Then for players with “straight arms” climbing on invisible air currents will be something like a ladder to the sky, which will motivate them to learn to fly. This is much more interesting than the principle - press l2 to go up and r2 to go down. Coupled with the ability to build structures anywhere, this way you can, for example, build an island drifting in the clouds and fly up there in a glider from a base built on the ground below.

  2. The ability to optionally adjust the length of day and night through the slider in the game settings

  3. Ability to optionally adjust the duration of rainy or clear weather through the slider (up to constantly raining or forever clear weather)

  4. Update a new big world for consoles and everything related to the ability to customize your own islands.

  5. Palm regrowth, geode restoration after some time (optional)

  6. The ability to automate the collection of water, watering plants and all production and gathering processes at the base in the later stages of the game.

  7. The ability to build in the open ocean and without restrictions on the height of construction (for example, as in The Forest)

  8. Significant expansion of the available space in the drawers, both in terms of the number of cells and the size of the stacks.

  9. Significant expansion of the underwater ecosystem

  10. Adding tide mechanics ( flooding the islands for a while )

  11. Expansion of the mechanics of weather effects - tornadoes, extreme storms, when the character will simply be blown away by the wind into the ocean, if you do not take shelter at the base.

  12. Possibility to place machines, collectors and beds on base structures

  13. Traps (damage should be dealt to players as well)

  14. Multiplayer expansion up to 4 people.

  15. Adding sets of clothes and the ability to create them + unique clothes from monsters or found in the world

  16. New structural elements and the possibility of free placement (without forced magnetization)

  17. increasing the available construction limit by several times.

  18. New interior elements or structures that allow you to improvise and build, for example, your own fireplace.

  19. Patch for current generation consoles to improve graphics quality and increase frame rate to 60.

  20. Console commands in case of bypassing critical bugs

  21. Adding the ability to install custom modifications on consoles, such as in fallout 4 and skyrim.

  22. Cross-platform

  23. Creative mode (no building resources required, immortal character)


I’m not easily impressed and yet
Your forum :heart: Has impressed me

This all makes sense for the game

And if new items like these
There could new achievements
But these are indeed good ideas I now also want

All really good suggestions I would love to see new updates to the game. I have to wonder though didn’t Beam Team say the game was feature complete? QoL updates and bug fixes only from now on? Honestly wish that wasn’t the case this game has so much potential.

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