I would like to see the really experimental builds

I’m talking about weekly builds like the snapshots in minecraft. yes it would be a nightmare to add a new build to steam every week, but I was thinking about it being on github or nexusmods, not the entire game, just the update. I know this kind of stuff is out of the question for consoles but this is the pc forums. I also fully understand it not having multiplayer and only available in english.

That exist for in the betas section in which you can go through older builds

  1. Right click stranded deep and go to properties

  2. Click ‘Betas’ and the beta participation should say none

  3. Click the ‘none’ button and all versions are there

(Version 0.44.00 is very buggy btw)

no i meant highly experimental builds not the old versions you are talking about.

There isn’t any experimental builds

i mean making the internal builds public.

That would not be possible on any steam game

even if they released the experimental builds on github? not the full game but just the files for the update?

You don’t need to go through the effort of trying to get a mod from GitHub to change versions (I never used GitHub)