I thought it would be split screen

:pensive:I thought that multiplayer would come in that mode just like PC and I really expected it because me and my brother like to play it like that, I am not saying it is bad as they put it but I expected it.I was trying to enter some games and in all of them there were errors with the server, I cannot enter any of them.

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Hi Fran,

Thank you for your feedback regarding splitscreen, I can pass this onto the team.

I’m sorry to hear you had trouble joining games. If you continue to experience issues with joining MP games, please submit a Console Bug Report with as much information as possible and I’ll pass this onto the team so they can look into the issue.

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Splitscreen play would be really wonderful! I bought the game on xbox for this. It’s available on PC, I’m really waiting for an update for console! Playing with my girlfriend on the couch would be really fun! I really hope this mode will arrive in the future!

Not sure if this helps but I watched the server activity for awhile in different regions and noticed there seemed to be a sort of cap limit on joining players on a server. Everyone else after a certain number would be kicked and seen trying to restart. But if I switched to a different region that had very little activity (fewer players at once) then joining went a lot smoother and no crashes or kicking. I haven had much luck when using “Auto” to set a region.