I found this video, and it's actually TRUE

I found this video and it’s actually TRUE on everything like graphics frames and more

[Video by ShlumpGaming on Youtube]

Vehemently disagree!

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Not saying stranded deep is bad , but he said it needs some frames and graphics update

Graphically the game is gorgeous, I don’t know what the YouTuber is talking about.

As for framerate it looks great on my end, a little stutter here and there sure but nothing to complain about. I’ve seen far worse from AAA titles.

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Alright that’s ur opinion :slight_smile:

Yeah I have to say my ps4 pro is running HDR so idk what this guy is taking about. Game looks amazing and my friend thought the same thing when he was over to check it out. He must not know how to set up HDR. Yes it’s a little stuttering from time to time but it’s still comparable to most of the AAA games that have millions of dollars to spend. There are a few things a would like to see fixed. Such as not being able to attach a fire torch to a light hook. But all and all way to go devs.

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The game has an HDR support but it doesn’t have 4k support or higher graphics in ps4 pro version because there is no ps4 pro version this is what he said

Umm from what I can see yes it does. I have a 4k tv and it looks amazing. There is a graphics boost option in the settings for the pro that seems to work just fine. So again I don’t see the problem. Visually the game is amazing. We wanna discuss graphics lets discuss a AAA game that has terrible graphics issues like Warzone. That’s a multi million dollar game that has some of the worst graphics I have come across.

From a 4k tv

This is not 4k tho :thinking:

My phone can run this video on 4k but it’s not it’s only 1080p


Just saying

Hey @Clare can you shed a little light on this for us please. Does the game support 4k?

This is the recording system not the main game
Let’s just ask the devs

And btw we r not fighting we r just talking ok?

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Hi @XxGrimShooter8xX - I double checked with the team and they informed me that the game runs at 1080p but when using a 4k tv it would be upscaled.

Hi @Ahmadm48 - I’ve moved this to the “Images and Videos” section as the main part of your post is a video :slight_smile:


@Ahmadm48 oh absolutely was just talking. No need to get upset over something as petty as graphics.

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Ok and btw I have a ps5 so and I am so sad cus there’s no real time 4k resolution and 60 fps but it’s okay tho I have to be happy with my experience :smiley:

I’m enjoying my visual experience with the game. Even if it isn’t true native 4k. The upscaling is better than just running 1080p. What’s nice with my set up is it all runs through my Sony str-dh770 to a 65" 4k tv. So not only do I get the added visuals with the upscaling but the sound is good as well.

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