I am about to lose my interest of this game

I mean it’s been almost a year since we got a console update , and the game does not have that amount of stuff to keep the gameplay interesting for this time I just need a next gen upgrade and more active updates for the game because it’s dying so badly , please show this to the devs they probably need it :frowning:

Ben her sürümü en az 1 kez bitirdim oyundan soğumamak için steamdan atölye bölümünden yeni ada ve adalar serisi indirebilirsin oyunu renklendiriyor bir çoğunda farklı özellikler var mesela çok büyük hayvanlar yada gizemli yerler gibi veya tehlikeli yerler :slight_smile: Pandemiden dolayı son güncellemeler az geldi ve sanırım geliştirici ekip de az ama tadında geliyor son sürümde istif getirdiler 50 50 dizebiliyoruz metaryallari çok rahatlattı bizi :slight_smile:

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I’ve finished each version at least once, in order not to get cold from the game, you can download a new island and series of islands from the workshop section from steam. It adds color to the game. Many of them have different features, such as very large animals or mysterious places or dangerous places: slight_smile: Due to the pandemic, the latest updates are few and I think the developer The team is also small, but it tastes good. In the last version, they brought a stack. We can arrange 50 50 materials, which made us very comfortable. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Ahmadm48,
Thank you for your feedback. As I have mentioned before the team are continuing to work on the next update. In case you have not seen it, the latest post on the Xbox Insider Progam in the News and Annoucements section mentions a simulateous update for all platforms. As soon as details of what the next update will contain are available they will be posted in the News and Announcements section.

Hi @Cotanaster
I have added a translation to your post as per the forum rules and guidelines - please see my response to your bug report for more information. Please also note that this is the console section of the forums and options for downloading Islands like on the Steam Workshop are not avail to Console players.

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