How many isnlands

How many islands are in stranded deep ps4? I’ve been to 24

25 in console

50 in pc

How can I find the 25th island of n ps4? I’ve been all over and playing for awhile now can’t seem to get passed 24 explored

For console it’s 5x5 islands

Just a thought;
Aren’t 3 of those “islands” EndGame plots without a “real island” in them?
The 3 monster battle zones… Do they all count as islands still?
If so, do you need to enter the small battle zones of each monster for it to count as “explored”? I can see that squid plot being the hardest to find as just a small buoy marking it’s center…
The floating shipwreck/whale carcass & the crows nest/tower of the other sunken ship being a little more easy to spot…

Sorry I don’t have time to experiment with this at all… Just tossing this thought out there…

If they have a sand square far below the surface, that parts the island. The bosses and their areas aren’t.