How it works: Toolbelt IRL

If I have a hammer in my backpack and I take it in my hand, then the hammer is not in my backpack. That’s good, it works. But … If I have a hammer in my backpack and I put it in my tool belt … why is it in my backpack ??? (And if I drop any tool on the ground (or anywhere), why do I forget where it belongs in my tool belt ??)


Thanks for bringing this up TourTheGame.
I will bring it to the attention of the team for review.

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This would be great, as far as I know this has been pain in the side for quite sometime in the steam forums. Surprised it hasn’t been mentioned here?


Just have them preform like the PS4 version even. You basically get 4 non-stackable slots and it doesn’t break the game making it too easy.

On PS4 I used it for a knife, axe, compass, and air/a pickaxe/a spear/whatevs was needed.

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