Hogs and Boars commiting unlifing

Hi guys! First off, I’d like to thank you for making such an addictive survival game. Even the bugs couldn’t stop me from playing!
I’ve read through quite a few of the bug reports and hadn’t seen one too close to the issue I’m having, however, in nearly every save I’ve played on, there’re always Boars that will just run straight out into the ocean and sink into the deep when I hit them with a spear.

Don’t bring them to the rocks and kill as fast as possible before they fall into the abyss

Unless it’s a crab/boar, then it will sometimes float in the middle of the ocean and fall you get close

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Hi Nightvindictive, welcome to the forums,

Thank you for reporting this issue. This is one the team are aware of and I believe will be working on but it is lower on the priority list than other issues.

It’s typically reported to occur on custom islands players have created themselves. Can you confirm for me if this is the same for you?

I’ll update the team and let them know this has been reported in version 2121 also.

Thank you again.