Hey All, I am okay at Stranded Deep but new on PC

Im Jeremy and/or Barn_Party007, my kids destroyed both our PS4 and Xbox1, their respective remotes for each and I decided to “Nerd-0ut”/“A Gamer” on my Laptop and I am kinda new to add ons so if you all get a second, please let me know of any unique/cool/needed stuff I might want, etc.

You guys seem like my kinda group w/ making people laugh, so in respect to the game:

I miss those Chuck Norris Jokes: My fav: "When Chuck Falls out of a boat in the Ocean…Chuck doesnt get WET, the Water gets CHUCKED!

Hi Barn_Party36, welcome to the forums!

I moved your post to the PC section to give it a better chance of other PC players seeing it.

I don’t have any suggestions myself I’m afraid, as I stick to the console side of things myself but I also wanted to add the reminder (which you probably don’t need, but I still need to post) that for any mods and add ons, always remember to use caution if clicking on external links on the forums, installing things etc :slight_smile:

Also thank you for sharing those Chuck Norris jokes, gosh that brings back some memories! It gave me a good chuckle and I’ve sent it onto the team too as I’m sure they’ll get a laugh out of it too! :laughing: