Help! Looking for building advice

Hi Everyone,

I hope I’m posting in the correct thread (@clare) as I’m not sure if this is a bug or the building interface just won’t let me build this specific form and I was hoping someone could offer some tips/advice.

Basically I’m trying to build a hexagonal roof structure above a hexagonal foundation, but I cannot position one roof wedge next to another roof wedge. I’ve tried it in a few different locations on the same island but always encounter the same problem. I’ve added some images below trying to illustrate the issue. Each image has the foundation layout and the roof layout with arrows pointing to the tip of the wedge. I hope they are clear enough and not too dark :face_with_spiral_eyes:

This is the structure that I’m allowed to build:

I want to complete the roof with roof wedge pieces all pointing to the same top point. The building interface will allow me to snap to 2 edges of the foundation:

But when I try to snap to the position I want I get the ‘red ghost,’ there is no flickering just solid red:

If I demolish the roof I can position a wedge roof in any position (including the ones I couldn’t build in before) but once it is placed I can’t build next to it.

I’m playing on XB1 and in v.2116. All of the foundations are clay and I’ve tried the roof in both clay and sticks but the results are always the same. I’ve finished building the structures to 100%, tried with the roof connected to full walls & half walls, with furniture and without furniture below the roof. But I only ever get the ‘red ghost’ when snapped into the position I want. If I select ‘place’ then I get the error message saying something is in the way which doesn’t make sense to me and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen people build a hexagonal hut but maybe that was on PC.

Has anyone else successfully built this structure or encountered the same issue? Do you think this could be a bug? Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Thank you!

From the pictures i cant see the walls constructed? Maybe this is the issue? Or have you deconstructed the walls after starting the roof? Iv done builds like that but have only deconstructed walls after the entire roof is finished?

Thanks for the reply @Breckabick. The interface let me build the roofs directly above the foundations so for illustrative purposes I didn’t build the walls but I have tested with full walls and half walls and always get the “something is in the way” message. For clarification the pictures are not from the actual build but a test build to illustrate the issue. It seems that any time I have the 6 wedge foundations arranged in a hexagon I have the same issue. I thought I’d check and see if anyone had experience something similar or if it as bug.

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Ive had the same problem. And what worked for me was to keep moving the wedge around until it turned white. Very small window for that to happen, and had to keep mashing the x button. Or in your case the A button. But they finally stuck.

Thanks @jc7709 its good to know it can be done. I’ve never seen it turn white before but i’ll keep persisting.

I have exactly the same issue too, playing on Xbox on v2116

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Thanks @Scott.bocking for confirming an issue. @Clare is this something that can or should be brought to the attention of the development team? Perhaps its a bug…