Hello, I'm a Korean user.[switch gameplay]

Thank you for accepting my offer! I found more problems with my colleagues. I’m sorry to keep bothering you about this.This article was also written using a translator. Since you may not know while reading, I will add numbers to each article.

  1. You can change the control type in the game, but if you click the L button on the sprinter, A, B, and C are all the same. As everyone knows, this switch is too weak in durability of the joystick (L). I’m worried that the game console will break if I keep pressing the joystick (L).
    It may be too much to ask, but please allow game users to choose each button…

  1. I save games in the tent. Sometimes it’s saved, but most of it’s not.The reason is because of the error code above(21240059). I’m usually connected to both the Internet and Wi-Fi. I’ve played other games, too. However, the above error code did not appear in any game. I’d like to know the information on the error code above. So I looked up Google, Nintendo’s website, and YouTube, and looked up information about code on Nintendo user meeting sites.
    But I couldn’t find any information about (21240059).
    I know you’re busy, but thank you so much for reading the long article.

P.S. If you don’t mind, can I ask you about your plans to make Korean?

Hi Dropg22,

Thank you for reporting these further issues in such a clear layout and for using a translator. We really appreciate you reporting these issues to us directly and I will pass them onto the team working on the Nintendo Switch version.

  1. With regards to the controls and the joystick, thank you for your feedback on this and highlighting your concern. I have heard of the L stick issue before and I will highlight this for the team.

[Edit: I posted to quickly, will follow up with point 2 below]

Continuing from my above post…

  1. Thank you for providing this image. I’m afraid I do not know what the error code means, I believe this is the issue they are aware of and are working on but I will highlight this code for the Switch team in case there is a difference. On my own Nintendo Switch, I noticed I need to press “ok” a few times and eventually I receive a notification that the game has been saved. Is this the same as what happens on your system or have you had experiences where the game still will not save at all? I will also double check what error code appears while I experience this issue to see if it is the same.

With regards to a Korean translation, I do not know if there are any plans for one, but I will submit a request to the team on your behalf.

That’s right. I had to click the ‘OK’ button several times to save while playing the game. After that, it was possible to save.
But it’s not good to see the error code every time you save it. Even if it’s not in Korean,
We won’t be too disappointed.
However, I have a favor to ask of you. The Nintendo Switch team should take a serious look at the background, plant rendering, and error codes.

Thank you for confirming those details for me Dropg22 - I’ll make a note of this for the team. While it is possible to save after a few tries, I understand that this is not ideal and the team are working to fix this as well as some rendering issues with plants.

If you notice anything else, please let me know, I’ll pass everything on to the team working on the Nintendo Switch version :slight_smile:

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