Helicopter seems sluggish and always leaning left

Hi everyone,
I just built and tested my first heli in this game. I noticed it’s always wanting to lean left and seems sluggish to me. Also keeping it going straight is quite the challenge. Oh and what’s with the fuel usage? From what I can tell you would need to refuel every island hop to keep going. I went to an adjacent island and flew around it checking it out and was at half a tank. You would think it would go farther. This makes it useless to have!

Is this normal or a 2009 update issue?


I would be interested to hear other players thoughts on this and if after the update any regular Gyro users found a difference.

Also, just to double check, you mentioned 1909, Nghtrdr, did you mean version 2009?

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Yeah sorry it was a typo and has been edited.

I too look forward to hearing from others. This was my first experience with the helis.

Thank you

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The gyro has always been really bad with gas. Whether there’s a full or half tank of gas, we can’t trust it to make it a reliable vehicle. It’s “iffy” on if it’s going to fly to one side, or nose down, not to mention always hitting the sky limit and sounding the alarm for it lol. I used it once, and I’ve had one around just to say I made it and have one.


Thanks for the feedback Mtragincajun79! Also sorry I missed this before, slipped under my radar.

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Yw, np, I’m sure y’all have your hands full right now.

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