HA! Another Weasley *ME*

So I decided to flex my creative muscle and this is the fruits of my labour (so far).

I am going to go back and make some changes here and there but for now it’ll be mostly interior work.

What do you all think?

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I thought I recognised the referece and opening up images did not disappoint! haha, I love the design and it’s framed beautifully on your island in the last image especially!

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So I completely rebuilt it from the ground up, still some exterior work to do but loads of interior so no interior pics, yet.


Another pic.

I have some more work on the interior to do once that is done to my liking I will be doing a video walk through.

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I’m ashamed to say it has taken this update for it to dawn on me why the doors in your bug report video were labeled the way they were! hahaha :laughing:

Looking forward to a video tour :slight_smile:

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