Goblin Shark Is Non-Existent?

Played this game 137 hours and the only shark that I have never seen on ps4/ps5 is a goblin shark? Am I doing something wrong? I’ve cleared every island, built a mega cabin, have save huts and water stills everywhere and there has never been one sighting of this elusive shark. Great white, black tips, whale sharks, hammerheads, Meg, and tigers are everywhere in abundance. Any advice or tips would be GREATLY appreciated so I can finally quit this game lol.

Even my friend and I have sailed every inch of the stranded deep map… no luck.

They are there maybe youve just been unlucky with the spawns. Im on ps4. It is funny sometimes i can never find any tiger sharks for a long time, which are the easiest aggressive shark to kill. I actually hate them goblins lol

They are Meant to be Rare. (Ones of Devs pointed this out)

They mostly in “deep” water, coming up really only to hit Yellow Rafts. (which is were I see them most)

Funny enough, it was very 1st Shark I encountered… I grabbed oar after realized my starter island was way to small. Took yellow raft out to larger island and …

bump little bugger showed up when night started kick in, LOL.

Once I’ve built a Raft-Raft. I rarely if ever see them… As no reason for them to come up it seems.

Seen it 3 times? maybe 4. In Yellow Raft. I was pretty sure I saw one other day, I wasn’t really Shark Hunting. So didn’t take better look.

They certainly arent rare i think it boils down to the rng spawns, the depth of water makes no difference in terms of them sharks, it does however make a difference in encountering great whites and whale sharks, all other sharks are found abundent on the shores of all islands, you wont see a great white or whale shark on the shores of islands, all others you will i think its just pot luck, iv played the game for a loooot of hours to say the least :love_you_gesture:

Well I need your luck then cause I have sailed every inch of this bloody map and never seen one!

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Well I don’t have that raft anymore… or else I’d try it! I think my stranded deep game just doesn’t have the bloody shark in it!