Glitch/bug with piles?

Hi @Clare not sure what this is all about as ive not come across this before or seen anyone post about it either (i dont think)… but i was moving some logs around my island today and i kept getting stuck like i was hitting an invisible wall i looked down and it said
empty pile (ill attach a pic) i haved saved the game and reloaded it and its cleared the issue just thought id let you guys know. Game settings are all on default no custom islands xbox series X will post again if it happens consistently oh and its only happened with the log piles too and only happened once so far.

Hi Charlie1992,

In my initial search I don’t see a report for this, so I’ll submit one to the team and include the details you shared above along with that reference image.

Please do let me know if it happens again.

Thanks as always!

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Hi clare just an update i havent had this issue happen again yet by just moving logs from here to there and i also did try to recreate the issue by creating lots of log piles and emptying them ect but nothing so far so looks like it was just a one off but like i said before i will keep you updated :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for letting me know Charlie1992. I’ll pass this info onto the team. They’ll likely want to keep an eye out for it when testing other issues but keep the report itself at a lower priority and adjust if you or anyone else notices it happening again. :slight_smile:

Yea thats fine i mean its not exactly a major issue theres definitely more important fixes that need to happen before this one but like i said ill keep you guys updated

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