Giant Crab Hat + other sugestion

Crab hat - use a giant crab as a temporary hat for sun protection
Palm leaf hat - Use a palm hat as a small sun protection
Special hat - A boat captain, or plane captain as a special loot in specific loot spawn (a squeleton in a plane wreck for example)
Normal hat - a cloth and a rope as a normal sun protection
Add a Lantern hat - Flashlight and a rope (no sun protection)
swimfin - to swim faster, and affect walking (recipe with leather)

Changing recipe
Add more building with palm leaf

Ex: add a true stick wall (use wood stick)
and change the (palm leaf wall) and change the recipe to use the palm leaf

Pouch : remove the actual pouch and add a two equipement pooch (a weapon and a light)
Add special pouch (woodstick pouch=Double Stick inventory)
Fibrous leaves Pouch (double the fibrous inventory)

SOS Sign - one of first tip to survive is to make a giant sos (rock,or palm log) to be see by plane

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