General Suggestions - Comments welcome

  1. Create a new “improved” backpack with more storage slots. Made from 20 rawhide and 10 leather for the outside, and 20 cloth and 24 lashings for the lining (it needs to be costly to make). This backpack would duplicate the available slots by pressing LT and then RT to bring up the second div.

  2. Items on the toolbelt should not also be located in the backpack. I’ve played on PS4 originally as part of the premium PS4 freebie (before the big upgrade) and when you put an item on your toolbelt it was removed from the backpack. When I purchased the pc version, because I read it was better, that seems to have been forgotten. The same should be done for pc. It’s either on a toolbelt or in your backpack; it cannot be two places at once.

  3. Speaking of two places at once, when looking at your backpack inventory, you could create a div over the Hand icon thereby revealing what the player is currently holding. As of right now on pc, I have to remember to leave one slot open so I can switch items or else I have to drop something to switch; bad gameplay.

  4. And lastly, on the PS4 when you have the same item in multiple slots (say for instance, logs) looking clockwise on the HUD you have to select the first item, in order to drop them in succession. On the pc however, you have to select the last one (again going clockwise). This should be the same across all platforms. Pick a direction. (Sometimes when I choose the first one it switches back to what I’m holding) I keep dropping tools.

  5. Create an arrow/speargun quiver. In the same way you can make a leather water skin, you could make a leather quiver that straps across the torso and takes 10 leather to make. That way you could remove the arrows from your backpack.

  6. There’s something missing from the palm trees… Dried Palm Fronds. You could easily make this asset by applying a warp mesh to the existing palm frond, fold it like a book, round down the edges, then colorize it brown and burn the edges. Programmatically, you could place 0-2 dried fronds under every “tallest” Palm Tree. Then respawn them every 14 days (considering how, in the tropics, the intense storms often strip fronds from trees) Know what the center of a dried palm frond is? A stick. These would count the same as wood when adding to a fire.

  7. Currently, when you climb into the rubber raft, you automatically face the island. A better position would be to place the “rower” in parallel to the island (looking right, you would see the island) allowing for the player to easily turn either toward or away from the island.

  8. When building stairs, make the bottom of the stairs variable so they always meet the ground. There’s nothing more frustrating than building a structure over boulders that can’t be moved, only to find out that when you add stairs to one side of it, they don’t reach the lower ground level. Who wants to jump onto stairs?

  9. Better yet, in the cartographer, save all the player-made object locations, then allow players to edit their own island by making a copy of it to add to the custom list (who wants to start from scratch? I want to play, not design islands) and then re-adding the objects after the island is saved and dragged onto the map (you could include a checkbox to retain all player-made objects). Just as with initial island creation, all objects will naturally “fall” to meet the ground mesh.

  10. A tool rack for homes. Think pegboard. A place next to a door or in a workroom where players can keep their tools visibly handy. Made from Planks and Wood for nails. Just like boat decks, they should be “connectable,” so a player could have all their tools in one place.

  11. Or, if you like, a chest. And by the way, where’s all the bamboo? The South Pacific islands are loaded with it. There’s an idea: add bamboo as a resource and you can make all new items.

  12. A land vehicle. Maybe an Island Cart (think gocarts). Let’s see, we’ve got tires, corrugated scrap, and vehicle parts. Yep, that could work. Who wants to walk when you can ride in style?

  13. Speaking of vehicles, what about a captain’s chair for your boat (cough, cough) I mean ship.

Oh look at that, my favorite number (for someone stranded). Everyone is welcome to comment as I know you will. Sarcastic, satirical and sardonic are all three welcome as well. Have fun adding your own too. Toodles… (now where the hell did I leave my hammer?)


They are great ideas! Mine though personally:

  1. Scrap the entire game and make a sequel

  2. Make a sequel and dont abandone it


Is this a PC thing? I always face my raft with “hooks” on right and hop in and thats were i face.

#3, I’d be happy if Hands were dead center Top or Bottom. And not 1 off to side.
I’d also love if double tapping a D-pad, would un-equip the tool. So said tool isn’t always out.

#10 Tool Rack, I’d love this for Farming, Crop Box upgrade to add a Stick, that allows Hoe to be leaned on it (placed)