General Stranded Deep Suggestions [ ALL PLATFORMS ]

  1. Make planks out of sticks ( maybe like 10 sticks )
  2. Make it so 5 rocks/clay wash ashore every day on the main island + 5 random islands
  3. Plantable trees that grow every 3 days and palm trees that have 3 stages on the 5th day the become a small palm tree with one trunk 10th day it becomes a double trunk palm tree and 15th day a triple trunk palm tree
  4. Add animal traps so we can make boar farms and crab farms and also have a set spawn or a breeding mechanic so when we trap 2 boars or 2 crabs they will reproduce inside a farm
  5. Make containers give corrugated scrap if processed on a special station
  6. Make air tanks refill every 2 days
  7. Craft barrels from corrugated scrap
  8. Make 2 corrugated scrap wash ashore every 3 days
  9. Somehow be able to craft buoy balls and tires
  10. Add a harpoon gun
  11. Be able to store water on barrels
  12. Auto feed system for campfire and water still, like you put a chest next to them and they have fibrous leaves etc inside them and auto feed them so we don’t have to do it manually all the time
  13. Add piles already
  14. If we have let’s say 3 sails open ( talking about my raft ) and a motor open speed should stack up, and sails shouldn’t take place of the motor.

All things considered, those would be great additions for the players that want to play the game endlessly and never finish it.

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This all sounds absolutely fantastic and yea your right it would give the gammers that endless cycle which would be awesome but… that sounds like ALOT of work man lol we’ve been waiting for piles and fixing the binocs and stopping potatoes disappearing in crates and loads of other bugs at the mo. But i agree with everything you said hopefully this will be added somewere down the line :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Look man the piles thing is a copy paste from pc code to console code I can’t understand why they’re making this so complicated like why don’t they roll the same updates as PCs

I know we’ve been waiting for it for ages :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:

Make planting plots snap together and stay level.

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Allow players to make a hull using planks, clay, and fibrous leaves (essentially pitch) to increase buoyancy of rafts to transport large items like container walls/doors, barrels, tires, and game from other islands.

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