General Questions - Co-Op


Just started playing this game (gamepass), but have a few questions.

  • We’ve only started, but I’m not sure how the “cartographer” and co-op work together? I started the game solo, looked at my cartographer, then tried to invite another player, but it didn’t specify if we were on the same map/island? When we spawned in game, we had to re-do the whole intro-plane-crash, and the island we washed up on didn’t have the save tent I originally built? Are we on the same map?

  • If we are on the same map, then we’re struggling to locate sharks? I set the settings to “passive” but haven’t seen any other sharks than the black tip reefs.

  • Are boss fights available in the co-op mode? Would we just look at the cartographer (if it is in fact the correct map) and head to boss fights after leveling up appropriately?

I’m sure these are stupid questions, but trying to get as much detail as possible to really enjoy all the game has to offer.

Thank you in advance!

Hi rsudh557, welcome to the forums,

I will do my best to answer your questions below, and if you have any further questions, or if I missed anything, please let me know.

When playing Stranded Deep, there is 1 Single Player and 1 Multiplayer Game per save slot. Both of these games use the same map layout, however progress on one, will not affect progress on the other. For example crafting a building in Single Player will not cause the same building to appear in Multiplayer.

With the layout being the same for the slot, the cartographer will display the locations of the bosses for both game types - and to answer your other question, yes the 3 bosses are available in Multiplayer too.

While they are two separate games and gameplay within one does not affect the other, changes in the cartographer in the menu will affect both, so if you change the seed number to reset the map, or replace an island on the map, it will affect both games.

There is an island square coloured red to indicate where you are in the map, and this will prevent you accidentally changing the island you’re on if swapping custom islands in and out. However, please note that only the player location in the Single Player game affects the cartographer, it will not show your location for the multiplayer game - so please use caution if changing islands for your multiplayer game to ensure you’re swapping out the correct ones.

You may also wish to know that in the main menu, days survived are listed for single player only, if you wish to know your days survived for Multiplayer, you can see them in the pause menu while in the multiplayer game.

Regarding struggling to locate sharks, did you set the settings to passive from the beginning? If you started the game this way, it may be possible that it prevented them from spawning entirely. Have you seen any other creatures such as snakes, large boars or large crabs when set to passive?

Lastly, as you mentioned fighting the bosses, please note that there is currently an issue in the game that prevents the crafting menu from unlocking the “Story” craftables after a boss is defeated. The team are testing the fix and aim to have a hotfix released for this issue asap. You may wish to focus on leveling up and crafting while waiting for this fix to be released.

If you’ve any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask and I’ll answer them as best I can.

Thank you


Thank you so much for your responses, and sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you. The sharks are now spawning when we set to “default” in-game, so that’s all well and good. We are having a weird issue where the second player (who’s not the host) will have issues with seeing what’s inside the crates (sometimes)? Normally, if both host and secondary quit the game (a few times) the secondary player will be able to see inside crates. Is this a current bug?


Hi rsudh577,

I’m glad to hear the sharks are now spawning in game for you. Thank you for letting me know.

Regarding the issue with the crates - yes this is an issue the team are aware of and are working on a fix for. I do not know what the estimated release for this fix would be, but if I recall correctly the team were investigating it and its relationship to other crate issues in multiplayer such as items appearing floating outside of crates which you may have also seen in game.

While it is understandably time consuming and not always ideal for players, there is a workaround that would allow Player 2 to see items in crates without having to quit and reload the game. If the host removes all of the items from the crate, and places them back inside, Player 2 should be able to see them when they next open the crate. Depending on the number of crates you have in game, the reloading option may be more efficient for you.