Game will not start anymore!

Mein Problem ist das das Spiel nicht mehr startet, es ist ein Schloss vorhanden, es wurde gratis heruntergeladen, sobald ich x drücke kommt ne Nachricht das mein now Account nicht verifiziert ist, aber meine Abos Network plus und now sind gültig, und zwar bis Januar 2022. Hat jemand ne Idee?
Letzter Spielstand ist vom 09/12/2021.
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My problem is that the game no longer starts, there is a lock, it was downloaded for free, as soon as I press x I get a message that my now account is not verified, but my Network plus and now subscriptions are valid until January 2022. Does anyone have an idea?
The last match is on 09/12/2021.
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Hi Bangme77,

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Thank you for your understanding.

With regards to your issue, I have seen a few players mentioning this on the forums. One player mentioned that the realised that Stranded Deep was no longer available on PSNow in their region. Please double check PSNow games for your region as this may explain why you are seeing the error when trying to load the game. If the the game is still available in your region, please let me know and I will alert the team so they can look into this further.

Thanks Clare.
My Region Is Germany and all games and setting are for Germany, only the language are in italian…

And this Problem ist too, example for RDR2…
So i thing Is Problem on PS Network Update…

Hi bangme77,

From the european list that I can see, Stranded Deep is no longer listed on PSNow. I’ve sent a message to the team to double check this is correct but if Stranded Deep was removed from PSNow it is no longer available. Alle sofort streambaren PS2-, PS3- und PS4-Spiele | PS Now | PlayStation (Deutschland)

It is my understanding that this service is different to PSPlus which would allow you to continue playing the game so long as you have a PSPlus subscription, however PSNow has a time limit.

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Thanks Clare,
So now i Understand, the game offers was an Limit days to Play…ok so i Need to buy the game,:sweat_smile::joy::rofl:
Thanks for your support…

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Yes, the team confirmed that Stranded Deep left PSNow on the 7th of Dec. Thank you for your understanding :slight_smile: