Game lacking a lot of things (My opinion)

Hi everyone! I love playing the game love every second of it but I think the game needs a complete overhaul regarding sea life and hunting it. I really hope seeing some more depth into for example fish behavior like grouping into shoals when you approach them with the harpoon/spear or just swimming around them.Also foraging for seaweed,sea snails and moluscs will be a great idea. Would also love to see more fish diversity into open water and in general and not just a few feet into the coral reef and I cannot unsee the fish being completely wrong :confused: for example the archer fish is a freshwater fish living in the amazon.The discuss fish is also a freshwater fish the cod is not found anywhere in the tropical waters but far north. Also make all the fish huntable and maybe add drying rack for drying the fish and the other meats. The game has great potential and it just needs a little extra to give you a great island survival experience I wish these things are looked upon and added in a future update :smiley: .If the devs read this keep it up! its a great game as I said I enjoy every second of it and will continue playing it with great joy!