Game Crash - "Connection Lost" while playing alone in coop mode

Xbox1 - CoOp - 2111 - No Player2

I launched the game alone (Player2 is busy with RL) and was spending my time testing if i could destroy my remaining rafts or not, then i began to destroy and relocate my Fuel Stations from the shore to my HQ 3rd Floor…
Finished that, then was filling up the campfire with fibrose on my two Smokers before destroying them (so i get 4 full sticks to remake campfire) to relocate from shore to HQ 3rd Floor also and it kicked me out. “Connection Error” in red text was in middle of screen. It put me at the Game Menu to choose if i wanted to “Play” or “Play Online” again… (so not a total game crash, just a session crash)

I loaded back in to online mode and still no player 2 again to check things out… aside from losing all that work i had just done it seems ok so far…
Skipped wearing out my axe testing raft deconstruction this time around… Moved my Fuel Stations to HQ 3rd Floor… Refilled and moved my Smokers to HQ 3rd Floor… Saved…

I really wish saving in CoOp didn’t pass so much time. It feels like i’m loosing 3hrs of my day every time i save.

So not sure what caused that error, maybe it was actually a internet issue and not related to the game at all…? Even though i’m Player1 and playing alone at the time?


Hi Picaro,

Thank you for reporting this. I believe as the host, especially on your own, your connection to the game should be stable and disconnects like this would be rare. It is possible that if there was a slight drop in your own internet connection, that it would trigger a disconnect as the host. However please do let me know if this happens again and we can look into it further.

Thank you also for your feedback regarding saving times.