Future updates for console like pv

The pc game looks so much better. What would be great if the console version had things like resource pile option, the forts. Any chance these and other features be coming to console?

They will port over things to console, im a console player, however the timeframe in which they seem to work it may be 3 years for anything yet lol

Well the latest Switch Update just included Piles, so fingers crossed it comes to PS and XB soon™

I’m really starting to get fed up with console too. Really starting to regret investing in this company. The fact that they can’t optimize resources so its not late game breaking for console, this should’ve been fixed before it was even released on console. The fact that I can’t kill a boar due to lag because I’m trying to stockpile is just not immersive and ruins the feel. An indirect point of a survival game is to stockpile. If I’m getting resources once a day to keep lag down, how am I to explore? ■■■■ you Willie, Wiley, Willie, whatever tf your name is!

Sorry guys, spicy take but I’m at my wits end with the time I’ve wasted trying to give this game/team a chance. PC version is wonderful. But we get the scraps. It’s been years since I’ve bought this game and only minor fixes (if you call it that, somethings are still broken in console even after the patch) have been implemented while all the major issues still seem to be there. I can’t run with a boar? SERIOUSLY?! Im sorry but I’ve been nothing but patient up til this point, I just can’t with this game anymore, I give up. Thanks Beam Team. I desperately wanted to love you and your game. You broke my heart. I knew it was you. Say something. I’m giving up on you. Whispers in cringe - minor say something.


Try and live more minimalistic?

@DeathiiBring I hear you.

Appreciate it’s a smaller dev team. Appreciate their primary focus is on PC.

But we’ve had next gen consoles out more than a year now and their competition in this genre have had next gen updates out for months (some since day one).

The performance of this game on next gen consoles just isn’t good enough and the length of time taken to provide updates for this platform is just too long.

It’s pretty clear there isn’t enough support on the console platform for the dev team investment to expand to cater to that - but I would also day it’s a chicken / egg situation too.

Ark Survival Evolved struggled on Console around launch for a fair chunk of time as well (especially on performance) but they switched focus on getting the performance up to speed and now that it runs at a silky smooth 60fps on current gen consoles support for the game from the playerbase is thriving.

It’s a real shame too because THIS particular game’s theme truly is wonderful. The water interaction is really great and the atmosphere is top notch. But this game is pretty much left to die out on endlessly slow progression on both content and performance.

When I’m looking at all the survival genre games on console, I’m not as spoiled for choice as other genres granted, but you’re going up against much better optimised experiences on console now this game is just being thrown to the side.

I firmly believe support for this game from the playerbase is redeemable outside it’s loyal core, but it needs a serious focus on bringing it up to speed at the very least with the competition in performance.

I can go play games like Ark, Minecraft, Subnautica, The Long Dark, DayZ and a host of others right now on my system at a rock solid 60fps / 1080p and above…

…or I can beat my head against a rock with this 30fps (struggling) experience and ‘try’ to enjoy it.

Just not happening unfortunately.

I see this game literally getting less and less focus / support on console until it ends up like too many other early access survival games on console like 7 Days to Die.

A great concept that’s squandered for easy launch $$ and then gets minimal support moving forward until the devs just give up on it completely with the announcement “Due to lack of playerbase interest, support on this game will cease getting further updates after X date. Thank you for everyone’s support, we’ll see you on future games” or similar.

I can already see it now… and it’ll be the ‘playerbase’ fault for not actively supporting the product.


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I have no issue with players sharing their feedback based on their experience with the game but please be mindful to avoid posts that could be seen to be making accusations or presumptions about staff and their intentions, or doom and gloom posts which are against the forum rules. (Rules and Guidelines - Stranded Deep)

I understand players would like more information about future console updates and will pass this feedback onto the team.

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