Fuel issue Xbox online

Hi Clare just a quick issue ive picked up in multiplayer. Both on the newest version of the game both on xbox series X but basically player 2 cannot see the fuel level on the motor boat and gyrocopter. Like the fuel level is alway full for player 2 (me) the host can see it as normal like in single player. This also goes for when he fills the motor up with fuel too. So to me the jerry can will be full but to my friend itll show exactly how much is left i have a couple of pics to attach to this to help you understand it abit more as im not sure if this is intentional at all. The top picture is from my POV and the bottom pic os from his POV

Hiya Charlie1992,

Thanks for the report and images. I do not believe this is intentional as I think all levels should ideally be synced across players.

Can you confirm for me:

  • Has the same issue happened with water stills / farming plots or flasks for you at all?
  • Have you noticed any other desync behaviour in this gameplay session?
  • If you’ve played again since reporting, did reloading help show the correct level?
  • If you attempted to fill up the fuel, would the game allow you to do this (and change the level for the host)


Hi clare oh ok thats fine glad i reported it then :slightly_smiling_face:
No it doesnt happen with anything else just fuel and jerry cans
No other desync at all apart from the odd lag here and there which is fine
Yes if the issue starts then we just save reload and it shows the correct amount of fuel weather it be in the boat itself or jerry cans ect
So lets say we travel and use half a tank of fuel itll show the host that half a tank has been used and let him fill up but for me will just say the boat is full and will not let me fill it up. Then once he has filled the boat up the jerry can for him will be half full but for me it will still show the jerry can he just used it full. I mean its not a major issue it just means he does all the refulling :joy::joy: or we just save quit restart ect the only pain is it take a little while to load on multiplayer lol

Hi Charlie1992, thank you for that additional info. I’ll submit this report as fuel levels not updating during gameplay as it updates / syncs on reload.

As always if you notice anything else, please let me know :slight_smile:

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