Frustrated on how the community is taking the bug

So I’m on console (PS4) and I kept reading about the interaction bug after the update but it hadn’t happened to me yet. When it finally did I started getting a lot more involved in the community and forums and Twitter page of the game and oh man this community can be so infuriating sometimes. I understand that we are all frustrated about the bug. I understand that makes the game unplayable and that’s annoying. But honestly the harsh comments and words I’ve seen thrown at the devs over this issue is not excusable in any way. A good part of us who play this game know nothing about coding yet some people are so quick to say that they should’ve caught it and that the devs are horrible. Well if you know anything about coding or making games then you would know that those things can be sooo difficult to catch. Especially because for this specific bug there are so many variables. For some people it’s on a cycle. For some people it’s permanent. Some people are able to work around it and some people are not. And for some people the bug never even appears in the first place! Also you have to consider that there are many different settings for the game and everyone plays differently. So to pinpoint what’s causing a bug like that is going to be difficult to begin with. And from the updates we’ve been given they believe the bug is coming from snakes spawning and disappearing which like two people made the connection with.
The mean people in this community also need to consider that they are a two person Dev team! Two people. And these two wonderful devs (@Sam @Developers ) Sam and Ben are trying to fix the issue and keep people up to date and trying to get the patch rolled out onto the devices needed and a billion other things. And people are getting so angry that the devs are “ignoring” the problem but that’s a flat lie. If those people took two seconds to look anywhere other than Twitter (like the forum) they would see that the problem is very known and very much not ignored. They aren’t responding to people on Twitter because they are busy trying to fix the problem everyone’s mad about! And they have admins put in place to help us and these admins have been exceptional about responding to hundreds of messages in a timely manner! We need to keep in mind as a community that without these wonderful people we wouldn’t have Stranded deep in the first place so we have absolutely no place to be cruel to them. People make mistakes. The devs are still human. Treat people with kindness for goodness sake.

The thing that’s honestly infuriated me the most about this whole thing though is how many people are being rude to @Clare . First of all, she’s not even a developer and has no control over what’s happening. Second of all, she’s just here to help and get information. She’s been nothing short of amazing, kind, and informative. She answers people as quick as she can and has been constantly keeping us updated on everything. The fact that people are just outright mean or rude to her is mind boggling.

I understand we are all frustrated. Heck I’m even frustrated. This game is the only thing I have spent any of my relaxation time on. I’ve mapped it out myself, taken notes on what’s on each island and spent many many late nights building my base to be exactly how I want it. I have a two story house and a huge farm area and I’m never short on food or water because I’ve spent so much time getting to this point. As a mom of a one year old who just started walking, this game has been my saving grace and what has kept me sane and allowed me to turn my brain off and just put my creativity towards something I truly enjoy. Something that is mine and only mine. I don’t have to share my island with a baby who wants to eat everything or destroy everything. It gets to be how I want it. How I planned it to be. That’s a rare occurrence in my life and I’m so thankful for the game and the devs who brought it around. I can’t wait for the patch update and to be able to play again! Thank you @Beam_Team and @Clare for being amazing!

TL;DR: Stop being mean to the Devs and Clare! They don’t deserve this kind of hate!


Maybe it’s because they are only worried about ps4 and xbox and leaving pc being broken asf. Maybe they should keep the community that spend thier hard working money on a game thats completely broken on pc we cant even get into a multiplayer game.

Yes. I understand they seemed to be more focused on the console issues but they are aware of the PC issues as well and if you notice the console portion of the community is raising the most hell about the bugs so that’s going to take their attention quicker. I’m not saying to cause issues. Also Stranded deep just released on console a year ago so it’s still fairly new and the devs are probably still trying to figure it out. Again remember, it’s a two person team. Only two people trying to solve issues on multiple platforms in a timely manner. They most likely aren’t ignoring PC players they just are doing it in order of complaints received. I mean really think about it. Put yourself in their shoes. You and one other person are responsible for handling thousands of people and a game over at least 4 platforms and you have to try and do it quickly but everyone is mad about one thing or another. That’s intense and stressful for all parties involved. They are still people. They may have families, other hobbies, other responsibilities and they still have basic needs like time to eat, sleep, and relax just like the rest of us. They can’t spend 24/7 trying to fix a bug and manage thousands of people. They aren’t robots.
Above all of that, regardless of how upset you are at someone or something, a person should never push aside basic human kindness and empathy. Every single person deserves some semblance of human decency and kindness. This situation is no exception. They are human. Just like you. They don’t deserve death threats or harsh words for a simple mistake.


I’ve seen you complain about this a few times. I think ps4/xbox is a bit more important right now as you literally cant play the game at all on console

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I have complained about the bug. As many people have. But I try and do it in a respectful manner. They ask for you to submit the complaints to help them fix it, so I do. I try to give as much information as necessary to be as helpful as possible. I’ve never once complained about the devs themselves nor about Clare and I’ve never said any rude or cruel things to any party. My issue isn’t with people complaining about the bug. My issue is with people being outright heinous and mean to the people trying to help and fix it.


I read their statement saying they have a fix, just need to test and such…that’s good enough by me.

I absolutely agree. It’s not like they have been totally silent about this whole thing. They have been very open about the fact that there is a problem and they are trying to fix it. And even though most info isn’t coming directly from their account @Clare has been passing on every piece of information known and tirelessly helping people figure out the issue while passing on messages from the devs. The SD team has been great through this whole thing. It’s honestly insane to me that people are that angry about something that they think it’s okay to be a horrible human being. Especially with the threats like it doesn’t even make sense. If something were to happen to the Devs that still wouldn’t fix the problem because then there wouldn’t be anyone to make the patch and fix the issues. It’s honestly ridiculous. Personally, I’m happy that they are working on it and I’m okay with patiently waiting for the patch.

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The problem is that it’s a huge game breaking bug. It’s literally unplayable by any means. I did everything I could do to get rid of the bug. My first thought was that it was because I was grabbing things and the game fucked up. After that, it came to a structure that built was from containers. I thought that because I couldn’t add to it or destroy it that that could be the problem. I could destroy the foundation to it though and walls. I could interact with everything before the elevation of this container wall. Nothing above it could I interact with. Went to a new island that didn’t have a problem with the bug and started to build on it. Literally five minutes into it, the big occurred. How the hell do you release an update with an absolute game breaking bug and think that’s okay. They obviously didn’t play it at all I on any device for it to happen on ps4 Xbox and PC. That’s what pisses us all off. Just a few minutes of gameplay announces the bug. They pushed this update with coop because it would bring more sales and they didn’t test it at all. If they did they only played two minutes. When you pay for a game you expect better quality. If you play a free to play game you expect ■■■■ quality.

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The fact that my original post is getting comments like this in the first place is ridiculous. You guys are pretty much saying that it’s okay to tell someone horrible mean things and tell them to do horrible things just because you’re mad about something that they couldn’t have predicted. You guys are saying that it’s okay to throw all decency out the window because you’re inconvenienced. That it’s okay to be absolutely outright cruel because your feelings are hurt. That is the most mind boggling thing I’ve ever heard.
I understand it’s a game breaking bug and it’s frustrating. I don’t think you’re understanding that a bug is not always easy to find. I played the update for 3 days irl before the bug happened to me. There are people playing right now that the bug hasn’t happened to at all. They probably did play the game for quite some time and it just never occurred because stuff like that happens and is easy to miss. It’s not “just a few minutes” lots of people said it happened on day 7. Others went weeks (in game time) into the game before it happened. There’s variables to it. They obviously know that the bug is not okay and they didn’t intentionally release it to scam people out of money. Not everyone is out to get you. I promise. Even after the bug. I turned off animals and was able to play again for 2 irl days before it happened again. It’s entirely up to chance. Stuff like this happens all the time, in practically every aspect of life. Again Devs are still human and technology can mess up sometimes too. Such is life.
The frustration is not unwarranted but the horrible, nasty comments that I’ve seen sent to the Devs and Clare absolutely is unwarranted. I understand people paid money for it and on top of that lots of people also got the game for free. It’s not like they aren’t trying to fix it or ignoring it. They are doing their best. They are only two people.
And I’ll say it again, this is absolutely not an excuse to throw away decency and tell people to do horrible things over something they couldn’t control. It’s no excuse to throw away kindness and lash out at someone who has no control over what happened. Everyone needs to put on their big kid pants and realize that a bug in a video is not something to get so angry about that you become a vile person. I paid for the game but I also realize that life happens and sometimes these things can be missed. You wouldn’t scream at your waiter and yell obscenities for not bringing a side that you paid for?! Especially if that waiter realizes their mistake and is doing what they can to fix it. So why is this situation any different?
I’m not saying not to submit a report if something goes wrong in your game. They want you to do that. It helps them. I’m saying stop being a trash person to people who don’t deserve it.


Also let’s not forget that they are constantly putting out patches for PC. You can see that just by looking at their Twitter and they are constantly trying to improve things. It’s obviously not the first time the game has had bugs so now that it’s a big bug the standards are different? Doesn’t make any sense. Any time there’s a bug in the game everyone just reports it and waits for a patch but if it’s a big bug that makes the game unplayable then suddenly the Devs should be tech gods and have seen it coming? Backwards thinking.


@Rharris I stand with you 100% on this issue and how @Clare and @Sam are handling it. Thanks guys for not giving up on us, and when the update is ready I’ll definitely be returning to my game :slight_smile: .


They are doing amazing and their absolute best when it comes to such a big issue like this and yet people are seriously taking it for granted! I can’t wait for the patch! Until then I’ve been making custom islands and just messing around on my empty saves! @DUTDUTUK


Hi Rharris - I greatly appreciate your support and understanding while the team continue to work on this bug.

While I wont remove you post, I am going to lock this topic as it has the potential to start breaching the Rules and Guidelines and has come close with some comments already.

Thank you again for your understanding.