Frequently game disconnects

[PS5][2074][Connection] Frequent disconnects for online co-op.

While playing online co-op, my friend (non-host) get disconnected quite frequently. These can happen at random, but s lot of the time it seems to happen while on the Raft or in the water.

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Hi HeavyZnDaBoys,

Thank you for reporting this, I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing frequent disconnects in your save.

Other players have reported that this often occurs on the raft for them when they are midway between two islands on the same raft, but if they travel on separate rafts they can maintain a connection. Does this sound similar to your experience?

Have you noticed any other common factors in other disconnects during gameplay since you posted?

I saw you mentioned the inventory reset in another thread, did this issue occur after a disconnect of your friend and did you save after they disconnected?

Most commonly it happens between islands. I will try two separate rafts and see what happens. I did have one disconnect while the non host was mining clay (but that only happened once). The inventory reset ( including toolbelt) did happen after the non host lost connection and we reloaded back in. Other than the disconnect and the toolbelt reset everything has been running smoothly.

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Hey Clare,
The same thing that the other poster described has been happening to me and my friend. It happens every time we leave our home island go to another one. About 3/4 of the way to the new island we get like rendering in lag which i guess is natural but on our way back about 1/2 way home my friend (the non host) gets disconnected. It happens every time and weve created multiple new saves. I hope this can help you guys in fixing the issue. Thank you!

Thank you for that information HeavyZnDaBoys, sorry for my delay in getting back to check this post.

Thank you for letting me know thetzc - this helps me to track the frequency of the issue. Does the disconnect always occur when heading home for you, or can it occur when leaving your home island too? You mentioned the lag occurs when leaving but I wanted to confirm about the disconnect itself too.

[Edit: question edited for clarity]

I dont think its happened when leaving the home island, but there is always a lag spike when in between islands. I think its just something like rendering lag for the islands loading in. But yes, it does happen every time when we go back to the home island. The non host will disconnect and lose every item except the one they were holding in their hand.

Thank you for confirming that for me thetzc, I’ll update my report for the team with the details you shared.