Forever "loading scene" black screen

So, ill write the whole story here so maybe its easier to help me play this game again.

Logged into the game after about a year break to create an island and play the game again.

I successfully created the island, placed it in my world and went to play online (alone) private session… kinda get things ready to enjoy the game with another person i game with. It sat there on the “loading scene” black screen. I left it for about a half hr, didnt load.

My internet is wired, roughly 900+mbps capabilities on a basic test from my providers website both upload and download.

So i find my maps in the maps folder so i dont lose them and uninstall stranded deep. I go deep into the folders it created and deleted everything.

I reinstall stranded deep and just try to play with a fresh download, not putting my maps into the folder.

Tried to play online again, same thing… black screen with “loading scene” and i let it sit for an hour this time. Still didnt load.

Closed the game and tried to play solo Offline and same thing, black screen “loading scene”.

So basically… the game wont load the plane scene for me it seems? It wont load something… and its not allowing to play the game.

So now im determined to fix it because i want to play on my island… so i uninstall steam. This take about an hr… all my games are deleted now, but i knew this would happen. Oh well… gotta get stranded deep going so i can play with friend.

After uninstalling steam, i reinstall stranded deep.

Immediatly go to solo offline, didnt mess with anything… at this point i just want it to load.

“Loading scene” black screen for 4hrs.

So stranded deep has a bug?